If your application for ill health is accepted by the Scheme's medical advisers, you, your employer (if applicable) and NHS Pensions will be notified of this decision.

If you applied using the form AW33E, your employer will send you a Retirement benefits claim form (AW8).

If you applied using the form AW240, you must download a Deferred benefits claim form (AW8P) (PDF: 423.17KB) to apply for your benefits. Contact us to request this form if you are unable to download it.

If you completed both the AW33E and AW240, you’ll need to complete the AW8 form. You’ll also need to complete the AW8P forms for any deferred membership not linked to the 2015 Scheme.

If you apply using the AW240 and your previous employer agrees that you left NHS employment on the grounds of ill health, we will assess your application as if you were an active member. This will be confirmed on your acceptance letter. You’ll need to complete an AW8 with your previous employer.

Your application paperwork will be returned to NHS Pensions. It will be scanned on to your record within 10 working days of receipt.