When you appeal against the result of an ill health application through our Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) procedure, your case will be referred to the Scheme's medical advisers for consideration. Your case will be considered by a different medical adviser to the adviser who originally dealt with your application. Typically, this can take up to 40 working days.

If we do not receive a recommendation from the Scheme's medical advisers within 40 working days, we will contact them and write to you to advise the reason for the delay. If a further eight weeks passes without any response from the Scheme's medical advisers, another letter will be sent to you to confirm why a full response to the appeal cannot be offered yet. This process of providing interim updates each eight weeks will continue until we have been provided with a recommendation from the Scheme's medical advisers.

Once we have been notified of the Scheme's medical advisers observations, we aim to write to you within five working days, ensuring that you are notified of the outcome of your dispute.