NHS Prescription Services produces the Drug Tariff on a monthly basis on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

The Drug Tariff outlines:

  • what will be paid to pharmacy contractors for NHS services provided either for reimbursement or for remuneration
  • rules to follow when dispensing
  • value of the fees and allowances you will be paid
  • drug and appliance prices you will be paid

The Preface

The preface of the Drug Tariff contains additions, deletions and any other alterations to the Drug Tariff.


This section outlines the meaning of common terms used in the Tariff.

Where to access the Drug Tariff

The Drug Tariff is available in two versions on our website, a PDF version and the electronic Drug Tariff (eDT).

The PDF version is a duplicate of the paper tariff. This can be downloaded and used offline.

The electronic tariff requires a continuous connection to the internet. There are no page numbers, and the format is different to the paper Tariff.

Access the Drug Tariff.