Original FP10's are retained for 6 months, at which point they are securely destroyed. 

NHS Prescription Services retains prescription images for 18 months. From August 2016 this will also include images of EPS tokens. 

Original EPS dispensing tokens from October 2015 to July 2016 will be retained for 18 months, at which point they will be securely destroyed. 

Original private prescriptions for controlled drugs are retained for 24 months, at which point they are securely destroyed.

Prescription batches submitted late as well as un-scanned submissions, such as the FP34 Appendix, are retained for 18 months, at which point they are securely destroyed.

When a batch is securely destroyed it is done so in accordance with the NHS Business Services Authority's retention policy. Destruction of prescriptions is performed on a rolling monthly basis.