If you are unable to source a generic Drug Tariff drug for the price shown in the current Tariff, you should contact the PSNC to advise them of this. Please note that the Drug Tariff prices are indicative only and could be out of date at the time of publication. The dm+d price should be checked first before contacting PSNC.

Click here to access their online feedback form to report any issues obtaining a generic medicine.

PSNC may then take this information to the Department of Health and Social Care to negotiate a new reimbursement price for that month, known as a price concession. In certain circumstances a 'No Cheaper Stock Obtainable' (NCSO) status is granted whereby contractors will be reimbursed the price at which the medicine was purchased, as long as the endorsement meets the requirements for NCSO.

Price concessions and NCSO status medicines are published in the article linked below. This information can also be found on both the NHSBSA and PSNC websites.