The 28DR activity review looks at how many patients re-attend their dental practice within 28 days of receiving treatment. 

There may be reasons for short periods between courses of treatment. This review helps us to understand why some providers have higher-than-average rates.

How it works

As part of the review, all providers are given a report of their 28DR rate. 

Providers with higher-than-average rates are asked to supply a sample of patient records for us to review. This allows us to:

  • understand the reasons for high rates of 28DR claiming
  • raise awareness of the potential risks around 28DR claiming
  • allow providers to review and correct their claiming procedures
  • provide assurance that inappropriate claims are identified.

If inappropriate claims are found, we will seek financial recovery and refund any patient charges.

Quarterly reports

To help you check your 28DR rates, we publish quarterly reports on Compass to all providers. This includes information about the national, regional, and contractual rates of 28DR claiming. The reports also show quarterly changes in rates at provider and performer level.

This report is available in the ‘View published reports’ section of Compass.

View the 28DR quarterly example report (PDF: 139KB).