Recovery for underperformance, payment for over performance and non-recurrent Service Lines can be recorded against a contract by the Commissioner (Integrated Care Board (ICB) / Local Health Board).

Recovery for underperformance

Location: Payments >> Payment Adjustment Update

Click the 'Create Payment Adjustment' field box, followed by the magnifying glass that appears on the next screen, this will present you with a list of adjustments to look through. Click 'Select' next to the adjustment you require. This will then allow you to put in the relevant adjustment. You also have the option to add an attachment. If you have no further adjustments to add, click 'Save', if you require a further adjustment click 'Save / Create'.

The amount entered must always be a monthly amount to be deducted with the number of monthly payments required.

Providers and Performers should be advised to re-declare their earnings when the Post-ARR facility is available.

Payment for over performance

There are no specific adjustment codes for over performance. The amount should be superannuable, the additional money should therefore be entered as a new Non Recurring service line for 1819. This will then increase the superannuable ceiling and the Provider and Performers should be advised to re-declare their earnings when the Post ARR facility is available.

Non recurrent Service Lines

Non recurrent service lines should be entered for the full calendar month i.e. 01/08/2017 to 31/08/2017 and not just for one day to prevent any issues.

Similarly, one day entries for NPE/NPEE should be avoided where possible as this can again cause issues if the performer is on the contract for the full year but there are gaps in the NPE/NPEE records, as the system will prorate the values to a full year.

Click here to view the online help guide (PDF: 4.4MB).