Compass has simplified the process for setting up a contract into a 7 step 'Setup Wizard'. You can complete all actions of creating a contract from this setup screen including creating new performers to add onto the contract and creating a Location ID.

The 'Setup Wizard' will require the Commissioner to create a Provider ID for the contract to attach to if the provider doesn't already exist, this is regardless to the type of contract being created. When creating a Provider ID, the Commissioner will need to attach users with specified roles. This will give them access to create a
Compass account so they can access details of all the contracts this Provider ID owns.

Each provider is required to have at least one responsible dentist and one primary contact attached.

The role that they're given dictates what they're able to speak to NHS Dental Services about and what level of access they have to
Compass also allows you to 'save' once each section is completed, allowing you to return to complete it at a later date if necessary.

Location: Contract >> Contract Setup and Completion >> Create

Any field in green is mandatory.

The 'Contract Start Date' and 'Contract End Date' must fall inside of the provider start and end dates to be successfully created.

Once a section is completed the circle with the section number in on the setup wizard bar will turn from orange to green. The completed section will also automatically save.

Click here to view the online help guide.