An override can be used to process a claim outside of normal claims processing validation.

You can access the override facility in the following location in Compass:

Location: Activity Folder >> Override Rule Update

Click on the 'Create' button to begin the process and complete the following fields:

Rule Type - Select one of the following options from the drop down list:

  • Late Submission - this will allow UDA's to be allocated to the contract for claims processed over 2 months ago
  • Patient Charge 0 - This will stop any patient charges being deducted from the contract
  • History Checks - This will stop Compass validating the claim against previous FP17's sent for the same patient. E.g If the claim is sent in with 'further treatment within 2 months' ticked; this will stop Compass checking to see if there has been a previous claim processed within 2 months.

Sub Rule Type - Apart from the Late Submission Rule Type, This must be completed with the appropriate selection. E.g. History Checks limited on Further Treatment / Free Repair claims.

  • Contract ID - Enter the contract number you wish to apply the override to
  • Performer ID - If the override should only apply to an individual performer you can enter their number here
  • Patient ID - Leave blank as this number is generated by Compass and can be subject to change
  • Source Claim Contract ID - Enter the contract ID where the original claim was received or leave this blank
  • Patient Details - Must be an exact match of the records held by the dental surgery
  • Effective from / to date - Enter the date the override is placed on Compass (claims received within these dates will be subject to the override)
  • Reason - Enter the reason the override is being applied