A Location ID is a number which identifies an address in the Compass system.

You will be required to add / create a Location ID on a number of screens within Compass such as 'Contract Setup and Completion', 'Performer Creation and Authorisation', 'Provider and User Update' and others.

You can search for or create a Location ID on screens where there is a green plus next to the 'Location' box.  When this is selected, you will be prompted to put in a postcode. Click 'Continue' to return any search results for existing Location ID's registered to the postcode you entered. Click 'Select' next to the correct address from the list which has appeared to select an existing Location ID.

If no results have returned for the address you require, tick the box at the bottom of this window titled 'The Address is Not Listed'. Once this box has been ticked, you will be able to click the button at the bottom of the screen titled 'Manually Enter Address' and a new window will display where you can enter the address for the new Location ID.

Click 'Save' to complete the process and the new Location ID will now show in the 'Location' box.