The reason some of your FP17 claims are missing from Compass may depend on which method you've used to submit them.

Compass online FP17 form

FP17 claims submitted using the Compass online FP17 form are processed immediately.

They'll show on Compass instantly unless a Provider or Participant user has submitted them for a third-party on the 'Activity Creation' screen. The clinician must authorise these before they'll be processed.

All clinicians can authorise claims using the 'Activity Authorisation Search' screen.

If a Provider or Clinician has submitted FP17s on the 'Activity Creation (Clinician)' screen, these do not require authorisation and will be processed instantly.

Clinician/Provider Compass accounts have access to both functions.

If they've used the 'Activity Creation (Clinician)' screen for their own claims, they'll not need to authorise them.

If they used the 'Activity Creation' screen, they must authorise them.


EDI file transmissions will show within 30 minutes of submission.

You can check if a file has been received using the 'Activity Search Detail' section of Compass.

If your EDI claims are not showing on Compass, check your EDI system to make sure the transmission has been successful.

NHS Dental Services are unable to advise on EDI transmission issues.