Advanced Mandatory Services contracts cover other types of treatment provided on referral that are not included under Additional Services. These contracts are usually for endodontics, surgical dentistry and periodontics. When a patient is referred for Advanced Mandatory Services, all of the patient's treatment is effectively carried out as one course of treatment for patient charge purposes.

Referring performer
The patient's initial performer who carries out the assessment must do the dental treatment that they're able to perform before referring them but they should charge the patient for the full Course of Treatment (CoT) planned, The referring performer will be credited with the UDA for the dental treatment they actually provide(d).

You should enter the treatment band (1, 2 or 3) in the 'Referral for Advanced Mandatory Services' box on the FP17. Urgent treatment isn't appropriate.

Referred to performer

The second perfomer who's providing the treatment on referral under Advanced Mandatory Services claims the UDA appropriate to the treatment they've provided, however, no charge is levied as the patient would have already paid in full at the first performer's practice.

You should cross the 'Treatment on referral' box on the FP17 to ensure no patient charge is deducted.