The NHSBSA provide data to the NHS Choices on a monthly basis; this data includes V codes which are used by NHS choices to create ODS codes. These codes are used to allow practices to be listed on the NHS Choices website.

This data is sourced from the contract data held within the Compass system.

If you've checked your Compass account and your data is correct then it may be that one of the below applies to your contract:

  • Closed contracts don't appear in the data
  • No FP17s have been submitted from the treatment location that you wish to show on the website and, therefore, won't appear in the data
  • A full month hasn't elapsed since the contract opened
  • Contracts that regularly close and reopen may appear and disappear from the data due to the time lag in the data being available

We're unable to manually add contracts to the data set as this is an automated process, which is reliant on the data being correct within Compass.