There's nothing in the NHS Dental Regulations regarding this. The only advice we are able to offer is based upon recommendations from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), the British Dental Association (BDA) and various professional indemnity organisations.
A medical history policy should take the following factors into account:
  • A performer should always take an initial full medical history in discussion with the patient in order to be sure that the treatment proposed is appropriate and acceptable to the patient. This history should be signed by the patient (or their representative) and the performer. General Dental Practice's with computerised records are advised to retain a signed and dated hard copy base-line medical history questionnaire.
  • Medical histories should be updated at the start of each subsequent Course of Treatment (CoT) and, ideally, signed by the patient and performer at each update.
  • Care should be taken in updating medical histories in the presence of 3rd parties, including family members, that confidential information is not disclosed without the patients prior consent.
If you don't agree with this information, or require further clarification then you will need to seek a definitive opinion from your professional indemnity organisation.