The recording of an under performance adjustment does not automatically reduce the Total Contract Value's (TCV) ceiling.

Step 1 of 'Guidance for the Completion of Net Pensionable Earnings Declaration for Providers' states:

Calculate 43.9% of the GDS/PDS contract value. This identifies the 'pensionable earnings ceiling'; i.e. the maximum pensionable (superannuable) pay available for distribution to all dentists on the contract.

If the contract value subsequently falls through under performance claw back then this original calculation will need to be reworked when the changes to the contract value are agreed.

If you are aware of an under performance adjustment when completing your Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR); the Net Pensionable Earnings / Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPE / NPEE) figures you declare should take this into account.

If a claw-back has been recorded after you have completed your ARR, you should amend the NPE / NPEE figures declared via the Post ARR facility when it becomes available.