Declared Pensionable Earnings (ARR)

This figure is declared through the Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR). It is your actual Net Pensionable Earnings as confirmed by the Provider of the contract.

Other Superannuable Payments/Deductions

This figure is additional earnings not included in 'Declared Pensionable Earnings'. E.G. Maternity Payments / Paternity Payments / Trainer Grant / Sickness Payments etc.

Total Superannuable Remuneration

This figure is the total earnings that are pensionable. It is the sum of your Declared Pensionable Earnings and Other Superannuable Payments/Deductions.

Standard Contribution at

The Standard Contribution percentage shown is the tier percentage in which your Superannuation is deducted.

Further information on how your tier rating has been calculated can be found on our website.

Added Benefit Contributions

If you purchased Added Years prior to 2008, your Added Benefit contributions will be shown here.

ERRBO Contributions

Any early retirement reduction buy out contributions (ERRBO) are shown here.

Total Contributions

This figure is the total amount you have contributed to your NHS Pension for the financial year.

Additional Pension Contributions

This figure shows the Additional Pension contributions you have purchased.

Employers contributions at 14.38%

This figure is the total amount your employer has contributed to your NHS Pension for the financial year.