The SD502 is the application form for performers who are paying into the NHS Pension Scheme and wish to opt out or leave the scheme.

The form is available to download from the NHS Pensions website.

Location: NHS Pensions Homepage >> Members Hub >> Leaving or taking a break from the scheme >> Opting out >> Application to leave the NHS Pension Scheme (SD502) form


Pension Administration,
1 St Annes Road,
East Sussex
BN21 3UN
Once the SD502 form has been completed by both the performer and NHS Dental Services, the form is sent to NHS Pensions though NHS Dental Services will keep a copy. This form can only be sent to us by post.
The decision to opt out will take effect from the first day of the next pay period following receipt of the SD502. If you state on your SD502 that you wish to opt out from a later date then the decision to opt out will be effective from the first day of the next pay period following the date you've given.

If you wish to stop paying into the scheme as you've reached your Life Time Allowance (LTA), then you would just need to opt out of the scheme in the normal manner.

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