It may be that incorrect or obsolete bank details were on Compass at the schedule cut-off date. This can be checked on Compass:

Location: Provider >> Provider Bank Account Update

If bank details were entered after the schedule cut-off date, but before the payment date, a manual payment will be made on the 1st of the month (or closest working day) as usual. However, this manual process takes three days, so if the bank account details are not received at least three days prior to the regular payment date, payment will be made three days after receipt of the bank details.

If the debits on a contract add up to more than, or equal to, the monthly payment amount, the contract may receive a zero payment.

For example, if the monthly payment is £1,000 but £1,000 patient charges have been collected in practice, the net payment will be zero on your pay statement. This information will be listed on the pay statement itself.

If a contract's Total Contract Value (TCV) has been reduced and back-dated, this may reduce a month's payment to zero. This can be checked on Compass by comparing the TCV at the top of each month's pay statement.