There could be a number of reasons why your contract has not received its monthly payment.

Incorrect bank details

You can check the bank details on Compass by selecting ‘Provider’, and then ‘Provider Bank Account Update’.

You must also make sure the account name is included.

Bank details not updated in time

If your bank details were updated after the schedule cut off date, but at least 3 working days before the payment is due, you'll receive a manual payment on your scheduled payment date.

If you update your bank details less than 3 working days before the payment is due, you’ll receive a manual payment 3 working days after updating your details.

Debits on contract

If the debits on a contract add up to more than, or equal to, the monthly payment amount, the contract will receive a zero payment.

Total Contract Value (TCV) reduced

If a contract's TCV has been reduced and backdated, this may reduce a month's payment to zero. This can be checked on Compass by comparing the TCV at the top of each month's pay statement.