NHS Dental Services send patient questionnaires to a random sample of patients to check the quality of NHS dental care.

Patient questionnaires are voluntary and can be completed online or by returning our letter.

Questionnaires are sent randomly, if you receive a questionnaire for your child, you can complete this on their behalf.

Patients in Wales

NHS Dental Services, on behalf of The Welsh Government, has introduced a questionnaire for dental patients.

The data gathered from the questionnaire will help to improve the Welsh Government’s understanding of your patient experience and satisfaction.

The survey is sent to a random sample of patients by email, SMS or post.

If you’re selected to take part, NHS Dental Services will contact you. You do not need to do anything unless you are contacted.

The questionnaire is optional. NHS Dental Services will not ask for any personal information and your feedback will remain anonymous.

NHS Dental Services will not hold onto your information indefinitely.

Your anonymised responses will be shared with dental practices and Local Health Board’s to help inform future changes.

If you have received a digital questionnaire, you will be asked to confirm if you attended a dental practice on a specific date. If this information is incorrect, select ‘No’ and you won’t need to complete the questionnaire.

You can opt out of digital patient questionnaires on the form (FP17PRW) you sign before your appointment.