Providers can claim adoption leave payments if their performer meets the qualifying conditions.

They can claim for a period of 26 weeks, immediately following the date of adoption.

Adoption leave payments are taxable and fully pensionable.

Read the full Statement of Financial Entitlement (SFE).

Who can apply

A provider can claim adoption leave payments for a performer it employs if the performer has:

  • been named on an NHS dental performer list for 2 years with 26 weeks continuous employment before the date of adoption
  • adopted a child and is the main carer of that child
  • stopped performing dental services on the contract
  • not registered as a Limited Company

If a performer has completed one year of approved vocational training, a provider can claim after one year of their NHS dental performer list membership.

If the SFE application relates to surrogacy, email our SFE team at who'll assist further.

How to apply

You can apply for adoption leave payments by downloading and completing the application form.

Email the completed application to

Applications must be received:

  • no earlier than one month before the payment start date
  • no later than 3 months after the payment start date

You must check the figures are correct on Compass before the claim is submitted.

A recalculation will only be made in exceptional circumstances.

Sending evidence

The application must include:

  • written confirmation from the provider confirming the adopting performer is or will be the main carer of the child
  • written confirmation from the provider confirming to the best of their knowledge no claim for sickness leave payment have been made by the performer for the period the claim relates to

If adopting within the UK, you must send documents showing:

  • the date the child will be placed for adoption or the actual date of placement
  • the date the adopter was notified of having been matched with the child

If adopting outside the UK, you must send:

  • documents showing the date on which the adopter received official notification, the expected date the child will enter the UK or the date upon which the child did enter
  • a copy of the official notification and evidence of the date of the child's arrival


Providers are paid a weekly amount based on the performer’s Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) or Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPEE) on Compass at the date the payment is due.

Weekly payments cannot exceed £1,660 for dental performers and £3,630 for orthodontic performers.

An orthodontic performer is a performer who earns 50% or more of their weekly NPE or NPEE from orthodontic services.

If the performer leaves the contract during the payment period, payments will stop.