Providers can claim suspension payments if a performer they employ has been suspended.

Apply for suspension payments through your Commissioner. In England, this is your NHS England (NHSE) regional team, in Wales it is your Local Health Board (LHB).

Suspension payments are taxable and fully pensionable.

Read the full Statement of Financial Entitlements.

Who can apply

A provider can claim suspension payments if:

  • a performer they employ has been suspended by the Board, and
  • the suspended performer is, or prior to the circumstances causing their suspension was, employed on an NHS dental contract, and
  • the suspended performer is not registered as a Limited Company


Providers are paid a weekly amount based on the performer’s Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) or Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPEE) on Compass at the date the payment is due.

Additional payments can be requested to cover any professional insurance the suspended performer has.