Providers wanting to employ a Foundation Dentist (FD) must apply become a training practice to receive FD training payments.

Apply for FD payments through your Deanery. In England, return this to your NHS England regional team, in Wales, send the form to the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP).

Read the full Statement of Financial Entitlements.

Who can apply

A provider can claim FD payments if:

  • they employ a performer who is a trainer, and
  • they employ a FD on a 1-year full-time contract (or equivalent period if part-time)

‘Full time’ is at least 35 hours per week. If the FD attends a course in relation to their training, this should be included in the calculation of their contracted hours.


There are 4 types of FD payment:

  • Training Grant of £10,248 in England (2020/21) and £11,424 in Wales (2021/22)
  • FD salary of £33,720 in England (2020/21) and £33,372 in Wales (2021/22)
  • Service Costs of £64,164.24 in England (2020/21) and £67,680 in Wales (2021/22)
  • Reimbursement of National Insurance contributions of £3,441.27 in England (2020/21) and £3,394.80 in Wales (2021/22)

If the FD is part-time these payments are made on a pro-rata basis.

The Training Grant and FD salary are fully pensionable, however service cost payments are not.

FDs can claim expenses for subsitence and travel to Deanery and FD training courses. Claims must be made on an FP84 form provided by the Deanery.