If you are in receipt of Working Tax Credits (WTC) we require your most recent Tax Credits award letter from HMRC to show you are not in receipt of the child care element of WTC. This must be the full award letter, not just a few pages from it. However, it can be a provisional version if you have not yet received your final award.
If your award letter shows you received the childcare element but also states the date this ended, please also send in a cover letter to highlight this.

No other form of evidence can be accepted. If you do not have your letter, you can get a duplicate copy from HMRC. Please be aware if the letter is not provided then this may delay the assessment of your childcare application.

An award letter will not be accepted if it shows that you did not qualify for the childcare element, due to levels of income for example. The award letter must show that you are not claiming the childcare element in order for it to be acceptable.  

You do not need to send any evidence to prove you are not in receipt Working Tax Credit.

Children aged 15 or 16 years of age
You may be considered for Childcare Allowance for a child aged 15 or 16 if the child has learning difficulties or is registered as having special educational needs.

In order to be considered for this, we will require the following additional evidence to assist your application:

  • details of medical evidence showing what disability your child has.
  • the child's statement of special educational needs, where applicable.