If you or your parent(s) / partner receives income from land, property or furnished lettings the preferred evidence is a self-assessment form or 'tax return'. This is the most accurate evidence and quotes the actual gross 'taxable profit', which is the figure we use to calculate the bursary.

The self-assessment or 'tax return' form is normally the form that is completed for HMRC tax purposes. We do not require the full profit and loss accounts.

If none of the above are available then the a tenancy agreement may be accepted as proof of income.

If there is a mortgage on the property, we may be able to deduct this from the income. For proof of these expenses we require one of the below:

  • letter from mortgage provider
  • statement from mortgage provider

Please also provide a covering letter explaining why you cannot supply the preferred evidence.

We cannot advise you on our helpline if the above evidence will be accepted. This decision will be made by a bursary processor at the time of assessment.

If the most recent financial year's tax return is not yet available then we may be able to accept the previous year's along with a letter of explanation.