Any of the following forms of evidence can be accepted to prove self-employed income or company directorship:

  • Personal tax calculation / computation statement from HMRC
  • Self-assessment tax return
  • Statement of accounts
  • Accountant's letter
  • Annual tax summary

A Tax Credit Summary / Award letter will not be accepted as proof of income from self-employment.

If you do not yet have the evidence for the requested financial year, the previous year's evidence may be accepted if sent with a letter of explanation. The requested financial year's evidence should be sent at a later date once it becomes available. There is no need to submit a Change in Circumstances or send in a Current Income Assessment form.

If you have no accounts at all due to only recently starting your business, you can send a signed cover letter stating this. The letter should include the date the business was set up and you should provide any other information you feel is relevant.