If we have advised you that we may accept a letter from a professional person as alternative evidence, we are expecting a letter from someone who could be considered as well respected in your community or of good standing.

Although not exhaustive, the following list of people could be considered as a professional person;

  • Consular officer - someone who works for an Embassy or Consul, either employed by the UK government or another country's government
  • Minister of religion - such as a Rabbi, Priest or Imam
  • Medical or legal practitioner - someone currently registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) such as a GP or consultant
  • Established civil servant - someone who is employed by the Crown (excluding those employed by the Monarch herself) who has passed any compulsory probation period for new Civil Service employees
  • Teacher - someone with a teaching qualification and who is working as a teacher currently
  • Police officer - such as someone currently working within the UK police force

We are unable to advise whether someone not listed above would be considered as a professional person until we receive their letter and look at the context of what their letter is being used to prove.

Any letter from a professional person should ideally include the person's job title, their employer, their contact details, their relationship to you and be written on headed paper if applicable.