The evidence you provide should be a combination (where possible) of different types of documents covering an aggregate total of 36 months and can include the following:

  • P60s (or equivalent documents if work was done overseas)
  • P45s (or equivalent documents if work was done overseas)
  • Final payslip/s for financial year end (week 52 or March payslip), if you have one. Alternatively, please send the relevant payslip/s for that particular period of employment 
  • Employers letter. This must be on headed paper and include the dates worked, yearly earnings, contracted hours and rate of pay
  • Evidence of self-employment, which can be either your accounts or printouts of your online HMRC self-assessment form/s
  • HMRC statement of employment earnings. HMRC can be contacted by calling 0300 2003300
  • Proof that you supported yourself by paying your own bills - please include utility bills and/or council tax statements. These must have your name on them.
  • Proof you were paying your own mortgage - please send the relevant mortgage statement/s
  • Proof of sickness benefit 
  • Proof of benefits, including all of the dates you were entitled to these.
  • Letter from university outlining PHD / research degree funding arrangements. This would only be applicable if you had been in receipt of state studentship (funding provided by the state to support a postgraduate student undertaking research as well as study). This is normally arranged through various UK research councils. 
  • Proof of income from property or lettings 
  • Proof of pension (can only be included if accrued from your own employment rather than if paid as a result of being a dependant of the pension holder)
  • Proof you supported yourself from savings, such as a bank statement. Savings can only be considered if accrued from earnings, therefore additional evidence, such as earlier bank statements will also be required. Savings acquired from a trust fund / inheritance or a gift will not be considered.

Evidence of paying your own bills or mortgage will only be considered as proof of self support if sent in conjunction with evidence of your income.

'Earnings' do not include Student Finance England (or equivalent), student loans and grants or any other form of statutory award, apart from income received from a state studentship.

Failure to provide any of the relevant evidence will result in the assessment of your application being delayed.