You should send your original receipts to us by either post or email.

If you are sending them by email send them to and include your full name and SBA reference number which can be found on your BOSS account.

If you are posting the receipts please send them to the following address along with your student coversheet:

(Your unique SBA number)
NHS Student Bursaries
Ridgway House
Northgate Close

The receipts will be scanned to your Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) account and then processed within 10 working days.

These must be sent to us within one month of you receiving the monies to pay for your specialist equipment.

The receipts must clearly show that a payment has been made and an invoice showing that payment is due will not be sufficient.

Failure to submit these receipts will result in us asking you for the money we have paid to you back, in full.