You may be able to claim the following costs incurred whilst attending your practice placement overseas:

  • The travel costs between your term time address to the airport / ferry terminal and the travel costs between the airport / ferry terminal and your placement accommodation site
  • The travel costs between your placement accommodation site and your practice placement address
  • Accommodation costs (subject to the regular commercial / non-commercial rates)
  • Essential costs such as medical insurance, tests and any associated fees for visas (these should be declared in the "total allowable costs" box in Section 7b)

You will need to provide receipts to support any declared costs.

You will not be able to claim for the cost of flights or other travel costs to travel overseas to you placement.

For the travel costs you can claim, we will only be reimburse your excess costs when compared to your normal daily travel costs to and from your university.

Placements based on the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, the Channel Islands or any islands that are classed as part of the UK are not deemed as overseas placements; when travelling to these places, you can also claim for the cost of the flight or ferries (including the cost of transporting your car if travelling by ferry) as long as they are reasonably incurred.

We will use the online XE currency converter to convert any foreign currency.

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