Reimbursement for the cost of taxis and air fares is not normally permitted, unless in exceptional circumstances where it is certified by your university that their use was unavoidable and / or they were the cheapest means of travelling to the placement in question. Air fares may only be claimed for internal flights within the UK, the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight or Isle of Man. Reimbursement of taxi fares will normally be limited to the maximum motor vehicle rate.

This will also apply to any weekly return journeys that you may need to claim for should you also be claiming for accommodation costs which you incur throughout your placement.

In these cases, your university must include a covering letter along with your Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (TDAE) form which officially certifies that the use was unavoidable and has been agreed.  The letter should also outline the reason why this method of transport was used.

Receipts should also always be submitted to us with these types of claims.

The cost of tips, refreshments, sleeper berths, phone calls and any other expenses which are related to your placement will not be reimbursed.