If you are a medical or dental student, you should apply to us for the year that you are due to be funded by the NHS. You should not apply to us at the start of your course.
The year(s) that we are able to fund will depend on your course and circumstances but please use the below as guidance;
Five or more years pre-registration course
In general, undergraduate medical/dental students would be eligible to apply for NHS funding from their fifth year of study onwards. This is regardless of which year of your medical/dental course programme you are up to.
The years classed as 'study' years can include an intercalation year if you study at Bachelors or Masters level and a foundation year if it was an integral part of your course. However we will not account for any repeated years, meaning if you repeat one of your non NHS funded years, you will have to wait an additional study year before you can apply to us.
If you are exempt from the earlier years of the undergraduate medical/dental course, irrespective of which year you join the course, you will be able to apply for NHS funding from year 5 of the course programme.
Accelerated pre-registration course for graduates with relevant prior learning

If you are attending the accelerated 4 year graduate entry programme, you can apply for NHS funding from year 2 of the course.

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