A fees only award is when we will only make payment of your tuition fee contribution and you would not receive any additional payments for the normal bursary or any additional allowances.

The following types of student will receive a fees only award:
Means tested fees only students
A student may be approved for a 'Fees Only' award if they meet all eligibility criteria but do not qualify for any means tested bursary elements due to the income declared.
If a dependant student's parent(s) or independent student's spouse / partner / civil partner choose not to declare their income details on the application form to be means tested then they will also be assessed for a 'Fees Only' award.
In these cases a non means tested grant may be awarded as well as tuition fees if your course started on or after 1 September 2012.
EU fees only student

A student who, by virtue of being an EU citizen, may be entitled to payment of their tuition fee contribution, but is not entitled to a maintenance grant element of the bursary because they do not meet the full eligibility criteria.