Your Extra Weeks Allowance could have been reduced for any of the following reasons:

  • Your academic year only lasts for 30 weeks or less.
  • We have not received your term dates from your university. Each university has the responsibility to send your term dates to us in a timely manner. If you are an intercalating medical / dental student and are studying at, or having issues with, a university that is not where you study your main course, please contact your normal place of study as they may be able to resolve any potential issues for you.
  • We have not processed your term dates at present.
  • You selected the wrong course, cohort or enrolment period when completing the application. This means that the term dates may be incorrect. If other students on the same cohort are receiving Extra Weeks Allowance correctly, this is a good indication that this is the issue.
  • Your university may have reduced the number of days of study compared to previous years.
  • Yours or / your parent's / partner's / civil partner's / spouse's income may have reduced your entitlement.

If your award has been assessed as 30 weeks because we have not yet received or processed your term dates, the award will be updated once your term dates have been updated.