There are three rates of bursary that can be awarded which are determined by your living arrangements and the university you attend. Please see the following guidance;
Parental Home Rate
This rate is awarded if you live in your parent(s) home during term time or you live in the home of a person who legally adopted you. This is regardless of whether you pay rent or whether they normally live in the property or not. 

Elsewhere Lodgings Rate
This rate is awarded if you do not not meet the criteria for parental home rate (as described above) and do not attend a London university. This includes the following circumstances;

  • You live with friends or in the home of other relatives, but not the home of your parent(s) or the person / people who have legally adopted you
  • You live with parent(s) but have a joint tenancy / mortgage with them
  • You are the tenant / home owner and your parent(s) live in your home, including cases where your parent(s) contribute to the rent / mortgage

London Lodgings Rate
This rate is awarded if you meet the 'Elsewhere Lodgings Rate' criteria and attend a London university.

If you a medical / dental student and you are intercalating at a London university and meet the 'Elsewhere Lodgings Rate' criteria you will be awarded this rate.