If you have no access to Pensions Online, you submit the annual updates via a spreadsheet and email it to This form is not available online. Instead, all employers with no access to POL will automatically be sent a spreadsheet for completion and submission near the end of each financial year. Any updates missing for prior years can also be submitted on this spreadsheet.

Guidance notes will be sent out with the spreadsheet. A video to support you with completion of the non-POL annual year end spreadsheet is also available on the Employer hub.

If you believe you should have received this spreadsheet and have not, please email  along with your EA code and the team will investigate further.

For new members joining the scheme you will need to complete the joiner form manually or provide details via a joiner excel spreadsheet. The forms and guidance can be found on the Employer hub and once completed this should be emailed to

To terminate a period of employment you need to complete the Leaver Excel Spreadsheet which can be found on our website. Once completed this should be emailed to

In all cases, if there is an award application pending for the member you should mark the email with Award Pending in the subject header.