To calculate a notional whole time salary multiply the actual pay that the part time staff member received during a full year by the standard yearly hours for the job.

Divide this figure by the number of actual hours that the staff member worked in the year, and the resulting figure will be their notional whole time equivalent salary.

For example: a member works part time and receives £5,000 per year as their part time wage. They have worked 835 hours in the year and the standard weekly hours for their job at 37.5 hours. This means the standard yearly hours are 1955, which is calculated by multiplying 37.5 by 52.143.

5000 x 1955 / 835 = £11,706.58 WTE salary

In the above example, we multiple the weekly hours by 52.143. This is because 365 days divided by 7 equals 52.143 weeks in a year.
For more information, please see the Notional Whole Time Total Pensionable Pay Factsheet on our website.