This depends on if the member works part-time or sessions.

We multiply the weekly hours by 52.143 because 365 days divided by 7 equals 52.143 weeks in a year.

Member works sessions

If the standard weekly hours for a job are 37.5 hours and the length of the sessions or programmed activities are fixed, the calculation used is: 

Rate per session x 10 x 52.143 = Notional Whole Time Salary.

If there are variations in the length of sessions or a member works on an 'as and when' basis, contact us to help with the calculation.

Member works part-time

Multiply the pay the part-time member received during a full year by the standard yearly hours for the job.

Divide this figure by the number of actual hours the member worked in the year. This figure will be their notional whole time equivalent salary.

Read more information about notional whole-time Total Pensionable Pay on our website.