If an employee wants to claim their pension benefits, you must complete an AW8.

The AW8 cannot be submitted more than 105 days before the employee’s intended retirement date.

You must complete an AW8 application form through Pensions Online (POL) unless:

  • you do not have access to POL
  • the member's record has been closed with exit code 02 'Resignation or dismissal in consequence of an offence of a fraudulent nature or misconduct'
  • the member opted out of the Scheme under Normal Pension Age (NPA) and is claiming benefits from before they opted out
  • the member is taking partial retirement.

Member opted out

You must submit an AW8 Supplementary form for these members.

Member taking partial retirement

You’ll need to provide additional information if a member is taking partial retirement.

Read more information about partial retirement on our website.

Submitting the AW8 online

P45 tax code

If you’re asked to enter the members tax code from their P45 enter the dummy figure ‘0’ into this field. This is not needed.

Practice Manager

If the Practice Manager is processing their own AW8 using POL, the authorised signatory must send an accompanying email to to confirm verification. A paper copy of the AW8 must be printed and kept by the practice for audit purposes, along with a copy of the email.


If you’ve submitted an SD55T through POL, allow at least 24 hours before submitting the AW8 application form.

If at least 24 hours have passed and you’re still unable to submit the AW8, contact the POL helpline.

Submitting a paper AW8

You must take a copy of the form for your records. The AW8 can be sent by post or as an email attachment to: 

NHS Pensions
PO Box 683
Unit 5
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Email address:

Note on the front of the form the reason that the AW8 has been posted.

NHS Pensions will return paper AW8 applications if:

  • information is incomplete
  • the AW8 should have been submitted on POL.

Practice Manager

If the Practice Manager is submitting their own AW8, the paper form must be signed and authorised at Part 6 by a senior partner or the GP. The senior partner or GP is responsible for the verification of original certificates or certified copies at Part 4.

The paper copy of the AW8 must be kept by the practice for auditing purposes.

Additional information for both online and paper applications

Paying authority

The paying authority is who pays the employee’s salary. This may be different to the place where the employee works, if another area is responsible for your payroll.

Employee has more than one job

If the employee is working in more than one post within your employing authority, you must complete the AW8 with the composite pay for both posts. Send an email headed ‘Award Pending’ to

If you’re not able to calculate composite pay, use the Total Pensionable Pay (TPP) and Notional Whole-Time (NWT) from the employee's substantive post on the AW8. This is the post the member works the most regular hours in.

Email to confirm which figures you have used. NHS Pensions will calculate the composite. If we’re unable to do this, we may request further information.

If the employee has been employed by you for less than 365 days, POL will only allow you to input details for the period of time that relates to your employment. If you have the details of the TPP for the whole period, e-mail

Protection certificate

If an employee has a protection certificate, you can submit the AW8 through POL. You must enter the last 8 digits of the certificate. Make a copy of the protection certificates and post these separately to NHS Pensions.

If the members application must be submitted as a paper form, attach their protection certificates to the paper AW8 when it’s posted.