If you are submitting a retirement benefit claim form (AW8) for a member who has more than one active pensionable post, the action that you should take will depend on who the member is working for.

If the member is working in more than one post within your employing authority, you should complete the AW8 with the composite pay for both posts if you are confident in calculating this, and send an email headed Award Pending to to inform NHS Pensions that you have used composite pay.

If you are not able to calculate composite pay, you should use TPP and NWT from the member's substantive post on the AW8, and email to confirm which figures you have used.  NHS Pensions will then calculate the composite.  If we are unable to do this, we may have to request further information.

Please note: if the member has been employed by you for less than 365 days, Pensions Online will only allow you to input details for the period of time that relates to your employment. If you have the details of the TPP for the whole period, please e-mail them as above.