Yes. POL should be utilised to produce the estimate. The action to take in the following circumstances:

'Clean' data cases

If the data has been cleansed after the subsequent go live of TRS, then the estimate should be processed straight through POL

Manual cases

Where a case is input through POL and it is recognised as needing manual calculations for NHS Pensions to complete then it will be dealt with accordingly by NHS Pensions.

Data issues for action by NHS Pensions

Where an estimate is attempted via POL but is prevented by a data issue which is for NHS Pensions to correct, the 'data' task will be allocated to NHS Pensions' standard workflow. Once we have taken corrective action, employers will receive a notification via POL and they can then run the estimate.

Error handling for NHS employers

On receipt of a member's estimate request, employers will need to check their error handling and take any corrective action that is needed. Once any corrections have been made, employers can then process the estimate via POL.