If you have accessed your NHS Total Reward Statement and found that you have not been provided with an Annual Benefit Statement there is probably a good reason and no need for you to be concerned. The following are the main reasons why you may not have received this part of your statement.

Are you a member of the NHS Pension Scheme? 

If you have never contributed to the NHS Pensions Scheme then you will not receive an Annual Benefit Statement. For more information about the NHS Pension Scheme and to see whether you are eligible to join the Scheme, please visit the NHS Pensions website.

You will also normally not receive an Annual Benefit Statement if you have previously contributed but opted out of the scheme with less than two years qualifying membership.

Data Protection 

An Annual Benefit Statement may have been prepared but not uploaded to your Total Reward Statement for Data Protection reasons. This can happen when some of the personal details held for you by NHS Pensions do not match with those held by your NHS employer or have changed since the information was taken from the NHS Pension and Electronic Staff records to produce your statement.

Are you already receiving a pension from the NHS Pension Scheme?

If you are already in receipt of your NHS Pension and no longer contributing to the NHS Pension Scheme, you will not receive an Annual Benefit Statement.

This also includes if you have membership in multiple schemes and have already claimed pension benefits from one scheme.

What should I do if these reasons do not apply to me and I still haven?t got a statement?

Some manual intervention may be required to produce your Annual Benefit Statement. If this is the case you may wish to contact your NHS employer who can make arrangements for an estimate of your NHS Pension benefits to be obtained.