Missing information

If there’s missing pension information on your TRS, this may be because:

  • you’re not a member of the NHS Pension Scheme or joined within the last year
  • your pension benefits cannot be calculated on the automated system

Contact your pension officer who’ll arrange for an estimate to be produced.

If there’s missing employment information on your TRS, this may be because:

  • your employer does not use Electronic Staff Record (ESR)
  • you started NHS employment during the current financial year

Incorrect information

If your TRS is showing less service in the 1995 or 2008 Section than you should have, this could be because you worked part-time. Part-time employment in these sections accured membership at a lesser rate than full-time.

If you receive an estimate you believe has incorrect pensionable pay or service details, contact your employer.

If there's been an error, your employer must update your record and request a new estimate.

If any information from your employer was received after the 31 March, this will show on your next TRS.