If you have actively contributed to the 1995 Section during the Scheme year your statement will show your revalued pension, which has been calculated using the most recent whole time equivalent pensionable pay figure and Scheme membership, details of which have been provided by your employer(s).
If you are no longer a member of the Scheme and have not contributed during the last Scheme year your pension will be revalued each year and increased, as appropriate, to keep pace with rises in the cost of living by the application of Pensions Increase(PI).This is calculated in April each year, while your statement is updated to 31 March each year. For example your 2016/17 statement will be revalued using the April 2016 PI figure (if applicable)
PI is provided by HM Treasury and is calculated based on any rises in the cost of living in the 12 month period up to the end of September in the previous year. Any queries about how this figure has been calculated should be directed to HM Treasury.
Your pension is protected against negative growth. This means that even if PI is negative your pension will not reduce and instead remain at the same level. 
For Practitioner members please see the related article How is a Practitioner pension calculated in the 1995 Section?