Pharmacies who submit claims for the flu vaccination service will receive:

  • a fee of £9.58 for each adult flu vaccination administered by a pharmacy contractor
  • reimbursement of the cost of the vaccination, based on the current basic price

An allowance at the applicable VAT rate will also be paid.

The fees will be payable to contractors meeting the requirements of the service. These are set out in directions 7A and 7B of the principal Directions and the service specification.

The fees are set out in Part VIC of the Drug Tariff

Payment will be shown on the Schedule of Payments under 'Details of Other Amounts Authorised'.

The payment will be shown as:

  • Flu Reimbursement Payment, detailing the cost of the vaccinations
  • Flu Remuneration Payment, detailing the total of the fees

To calculate how many vaccines have been paid, divide the total amount for 'Flu Remuneration Payment' by £9.58.