Pharmacy contractors will receive a grant if they provide foundation trainee pharmacists with the training experience needed by pharmacy graduates and certain undergraduates, for admission to the General Pharmaceutical Council’s Register of Pharmacists.

The grant is £18,440 per year.

The grants are payable at annual rates for each foundation training place filled by a pharmacy graduate or an undergraduate on a sandwich course recognised by the General Pharmaceutical Council as foundation training.

Pharmacy contractors who provide foundation training must submit a claim for the training period they’ll provide to NHS England. This must be done on the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal at the start of the training period.

You must register each foundation trainee pharmacist you’re making a payment claim for. You must include their:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • GPhC registration number
  • training start date
  • Designated Supervisor’s name
  • Designated Supervisor’s GPhC registration number

If you submit a claim by the 5th of month after the training period begins, NHS England will arrange for the grant to be paid in 12 instalments. If the programme is a sandwich course, the number of instalments will reflect the length of the training offered within each training period.  

If you submit a claim in a following month, NHS England will arrange for the grant to be paid in a first instalment covering the months between the date the foundation training began and the claim submission. The remaining instalments up to the end of the training period will be paid monthly in arrears.

If a claim is made by the 5th of the month, payments will be made in line with the normal pharmacy payment timetable.

You must tell NHS England if the arrangement to provide foundation training stops. You must do this on the MYS portal.

Information on payments for foundation trainee pharmacists can be found in the Drug Tariff.