The broken bulk clause only applies to:

  • drugs, incontinence and stoma appliances in Part IXB and IXC of the Drug Tariff and chemical reagents other than items supplied in special containers covered by Clause 10B 
  • it can also be claimed on the separate ingredients being used to make up an extemporaneously prepared product, as per Drug Tariff Part II, clause 11. 

Therefore, broken bulk cannot be claimed on:

  • any item in Part IXA 
  • any special or imported product covered by Part VIIIB of the Tariff 
  • special containers covered by Clause 10B
  • any drug which is in Part VIIIA of the Drug Tariff and is Category A or M and the smallest pack size listed is priced at less than £50.

If the reimbursement price goes over £50 due to a price concession, Broken Bulk would be claimable for the duration of the concession.