• Birth certificate - we can accept either version; we will contact you if we specifically require a long version for any reason. If you have obtained a duplicate certificate from the Registrar Office, this will still be classed as an original document. 
  • Passport
  • Driving licence - we only require the photo-card; we can also accept a provisional licence
  • Biometric Residence Card - we can accept this if you cannot provide the requested photo identification documents
  • National Identity Card (for non UK nationals) - this can be provided instead of a passport or photo card driving licence.

We will not accept expired ID.

In the first year you apply for NHS funding you may be requested to provide your birth certificate and either a passport or driving licence. However, if you have a non-UK birth certificate we will require your passport rather than the driving licence in order to confirm your nationality for eligibility purposes.

Failure to provide any of the relevant evidence will result in the assessment of your application being delayed.