In order to support the immigration status declared on the application the student or their family member (whichever is applicable) must provide both of the following:

  • their Visa
  • the Home Office letter which includes the student's name (as well as their family member, if applicable) - this is absolutely essential as the letter will state on what grounds the leave to remain in the UK has been granted.

The evidence provided must have been valid on or before the first day of the first academic year.

Students who are applying for a bursary as the family member of someone who has been granted Humanitarian Protection (HP)

Only certain relatives of a person with HP can qualify for a full bursary as their family member. These are:

  • The spouse / civil partner / partner of a person granted humanitarian protection. They must have been the person's spouse/civil partner on the date that the person with HP originally applied to the Home Office for asylum
  • The child OR the step-child of the person who has been granted HP. They must have been the child or step-child of the person with HP on the asylum application date and must also have been under 18 on that date.