If your parents do not live together because they are divorced or legally separated you need to provide the income details of the parent you ordinarily reside with
  • If your parents are divorced you will need to include the original Decree Nisi or Decree Absolute.
  • If your parents are legally separated, you will need to provide evidence to support this (revised tax credit letter, revised council tax bill, letter on headed paper from a professional person etc). If you are using a letter from a professional person as evidence the letter should include the name, address and telephone number / email address of the professional person.
If your parents are divorced or legally separated but still live together you would need to declare both parent's income. If a parent subsequently then chooses to move out of the property, you would need to submit a change of circumstances to be reassessed using the income details of the parent you would ordinarily reside with.

If you have a step parent, they do not need to disclose their income in any situation unless they have legally adopted you.