There's no charge for NHS prescriptions, NHS sight tests or NHS wigs and fabric supports in Scotland.

NHS dental treatment

In Scotland, you get free NHS dental check-ups, treatments, and appliances if you're aged 18 to 25.

NHS dental patients in Scotland pay 80% of the treatment costs (including any x-rays), up to a maximum of £384.00.

You should speak to your NHS dentist to clarify the exact cost of your treatment.


Below are the optical voucher values, your optician will advise, based on the strength of your optical prescription, which voucher you are entitled to receive.

Single vision

  • Voucher A - £39.10
  • Voucher B - £59.30
  • Voucher C - £86.90
  • Voucher D - £196.00

Bifocal and varifocal vouchers

  • Voucher E - £67.50
  • Voucher F - £85.60
  • Voucher G - £111.20
  • Voucher H - £215.50

Hospital eye service vouchers

  • Voucher I - £200.80
  • Voucher J - £57.00 per lens

Complex vouchers

  • Single vision - £14.60
  • Bifocal - £37.40

You can be prescribed one optical voucher for bifocals or varifocals, or two single optical vouchers to cover a pair of reading glasses and a pair of distance glasses. You should discuss which of these options is appropriate for you with your optician.

Check what help you could get to pay for NHS costs and apply online.